circle stitch pillow

boy, it has been a rough few weeks.  after 6 weeks of visiting my daughter helping with my new grandson, i came home and promptly got sick. a nasty sinus infection that actually forced me to go get antibiotics.  yuck!

but i did manage do get something finished, although it took me 3 days to do it.  if you remember my diy circle stitch tool video.  well since then, i’ve hade a project in mind.  this isn’t the project, but it is a test monkey for the bigger project.

circle-stitch-pillow2 i decided i need to do a test project first to work out any issues and see which stitches would work best.  so glad i did.  some stitch patterns didn’t work well at all.

circle-stitch-pillowyou can see a few problems here.  it was a great test project, as i now have a better idea of which patterns work and which don’t.

circle-stitch-pillow3even with the distorted stitches, i love this pillow.  the colors coordinate with the master bedroom in our rental.  and the guests just love it.

circle-stitch-pillow1now to find time for the project i have in my mind.

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rust printing

in the October/November 2013 issue of Quilting Arts there was an article about rust printing using print paste and iron powder and a thermofax screen.  well, as much as i like rusted fabric, i had to try it. but i didn’t have very good results.

not one to be deterred, i decided to try it again using a stencil and had much better results.  i don’t think the stencil had a major bearing on it.  but i did make my print paste a little thicker than before and i covered the print with plastic while to rust action occurred.

zebra rust print

zebra rust print

i had previously rust dyed this fabric, but there was still a lot of white areas, so i thought it would be a good canidate for the rust printing.

still has a few issues but there is a lot of possibility with this.

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Whole Cloth Quilt Design

for the past 6 weeks, i’ve been visiting my daughter, SIL and new grandson, Desmond.  so i have not been doing any dyeing, just lots of late nights with Desmond.

but over this long weekend, i did get to work on some whole cloth designs.  back in February i took a 5 day class with Cindy Needham and i also purchased Lisa Calle video rental on whole cloth quilt design.

so i finally got over my fear and started with trying my hand at a few designs.  now i know these are not very sophisticated, but you got to start somewhere, right?

here is my first design.

whole cloth quilt design #1

whole cloth quilt design #1

still need to draw in some design elements–maybe feathers.  and the background fill.  but i think i will do a few more designs first.

after drawing out the design by hand, i decided to open up my favorite design program, Inkscape and recreate it there.

quilt design #1 inkscape

quilt design #1 inkscape

the inkscape design isn’t totally accurate.  the circle goes behind the corner elements, but could not figure out how to make it do that.  but, overall, i’m happy with what i’ve achieved.

still a long way to go, but not bad, not bad at all.


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dye color chart

over a year ago, i signed up for a color class with Candy Glendening.  this class was all about color and is the Dyeing 101 class.  Candy’s weighs her fabric and dyes to get constant results so this is  a very technical class and i love the results.  with Candy’s worksheet and download pdf’s it is easy to reproduce these colors in larger pieces of fabric.

here is the results from my first two dyeing sessions using her methods.  take a look.

dye-chartthis is a chart we created in the class.  it is 60″X60″ and i finally found a spot to hang it. wanted to hang it in the house, but hubby wasn’t to crazy about that idea.

the colors on the left is tangerine, fuschia, and intense blue.  on the right, sun yellow, fuschia and intense blue.

can’t wait to do more color combinations.

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